Uber featured on ‘The Destination Angler’ Podcast

PMRL guide Chris “Uber” Raines recently joined Steve Haigh on his podcast, “The Destination Angler,” to drop some knowledge about fishing our beloved Pere Marquette River. “Having a free-flowing river [the PM] that the fish can go from lake all … Continued

Helpful Hex Fishing Tips And Etiquette

Hex is here! Hex is here! Read all about it! This two-part report focuses on what hex fishing is all about, but more importantly the etiquette of night fishing. Making the hex hatch can be a bucket list item for … Continued

Tactics For Fly Fishing In High Water

Every spring we experience high water from winter melt-off and continuous rainy days that seem to overwhelm our river. This year we have had a lot of rain late in the season that has kept water levels high. Many people … Continued

How to choose the right pair of sunglasses for fly fishing

It’s important to find a pair of sunglasses that are suited for the environment you’ll be fishing. The same shades you’d use for fishing a high mountain stream probably aren’t the same ones you’d use deep sea fishing. A nice … Continued

Euro Nymphing Basics

TECHNIQUE For some anglers, euro nymphing might just be another hipster fad like tenkara, but if you enjoy catching trout in numbers, it’s a good technique to add to your angling arsenal.  This technique is about numbers, which is why … Continued

Simple Steelhead Patterns: Crack Caddis

The Crack Caddis is an extremely simple but effective pattern to tie. The Flex-Floss and Dubbing colors can be changed to make various stonefly patterns, but here I’m using chartreuse with peacock black. This pattern works well for steelhead and … Continued

Redd Education

The term “redd” refers to the spawning bed of trout in a river or stream. Redds can be identified by a bowl-shaped indentation of clean bright rocks. Redds are formed by trout beating the rocks with their tail-fin. Trout do … Continued

Simple Steelhead Patterns: Early Black Stonefly Nymph

Early black stonefly nymphs are a go-to spring pattern for steelhead on the PM. These can be tied in a variety of ways, but this pattern is especially simple. Anglers targeting steelhead should have sizes ranging from 10-14 in their … Continued

Simple Steelhead Patterns: Estaz Egg

An estaz egg is a very simple egg pattern to tie and should be in every steelheader’s fly box if you’re fishing the PM. Tie these in a variety of colors like chartreuse, pink, and peach. Any estaz can be … Continued

Trout Bum Diaries 12/14/17

             " The ground is frozen, the snow is staying instead of melting, and the general population is acting like they have never driven in snow before. Winter is in full force here in Michigan with … Continued