Pere Marquette River Report

August 7th, 2020

It was impossible not to think of fall earlier this week. Cold winds picked up, rain came down and fleece came out after dark. The trout, however, were very happy with a little added volume and color. You could float down the river, pitching skunks, tarantula’s, ants of various colors and sizes (everything from Chernobyl’s and Amy’s Ants right down to the small, black naturals), pulling fish from the bubble lines and along structure:

Or you could probe the dark, bumpy water depressions below gravel bars and the deep corner slots with bead heads on light fluorocarbon, planning on catching primarily small trout when this happens at the first stop, way to go Bob!

Lots of these guys around to keep things interesting for those new to the sport honing their dry fly, nymph or small streamer game:

Speaking of streamers, the river looked really good for stripping a tan zoo cougar or black Conrad sculpin away from the wood on Tuesday after Monday’s rain. I instantly regretted not bringing a 6 or 7 weight with a 250-300 grain sinking line on my trip Tuesday but the nymphing and dry fly boondoggling were pretty productive so I didn’t feel as bad. I’m willing to bet the conditions were conducive for everything Tuesday, one of those rare days where no matter what you throw, as long as it’s a good presentation, it’s gonna get chowed. These late summer cool-off/rain shower events can be just what the doctor ordered for some very enjoyable trout fishing.

Haven’t done much bass fishing with the cooler weather (river temps on the PM have been mid 50’s in the mornings) but as soon as it heats up again for a few days, there’s still a lot of that to be had. The big moon is now waning and rising above the trees after midnight. The best activity we had the past few nights has been just after dark until midnight-1am. Play the shade or if you’re lucky enough to have clouds to hide the moon when it’s shining bright, take advantage! While I still haven’t seen any yet, I’m positive a few kings came into the river this week. 

The guides still have open dates for trout this month and a couple scattered open dates for salmon season but it’s slim pickings. It has definitely been a much different summer than we’re all used to but we owe a huge thanks to all of you who have fished with us, stayed here or purchased something from the shop! Small box stores like the ones in trout towns such as Baldwin all over northern Michigan depend on folks like you to survive. Get out and enjoy the summer while there is still some of it to be enjoyed! See you on the river!

Kyle Hartman – Guide

Pere Marquette River Lodge

231 745 3972

  • Flow
  • Visibility
  • Water Temperature
    Low to mid 60's
  • Best time of day to fish
  • Indicator
    Blackbird 6 gram
  • Recommended Leader
  • Recommended Tippet
    2-3x for hoppers, 4-5x fluoro for nymphing
  • Best Rod Outfit
    9' 5wt for daytime dries, 9' 7wt for mousing
  • Best Techniques
    Nymphing or attractor dries
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