Simple Steelhead Patterns: Estaz Egg

An estaz egg is a very simple egg pattern to tie and should be in every steelheader’s fly box if you’re fishing the PM. Tie these in a variety of colors like chartreuse, pink, and peach. Any estaz can be used to tie these, but the petite estaz has a nice slim profile. You can also use lead-free wire to add some weight, and add a few strands of krystal flash to create a tail. Tie some in micro sizes for trout.

You can find all the materials to tie your own in our fly shop:

Hook: FBK Egg Hook, Size 12
Thread: Chartreuse 6/0
Body: Petite Estaz, Pearl Chartreuse
Veil: Egg Veil, Milky White

By Derek Draplin