Pere Marquette River Report

August 12th, 2019

This cooler weather really has me looking at things more closely. Some maples are starting to fade and even certain trees showing a little red on their leaves. The amount of big lake boats with the downriggers and giant salmon nets heading west on US-10. The early mornings have that early fall smell. And this notice of the shifting season has me really trying to embrace what’s left of summer.¬†

Hopper fishing is probably the strongest card to play trout-wise right now. Think foam bodied flies with thick, sturdy deer or elk hair wings, rubber legs, and a little flash. Have a few colors (tan, orange, blue, green) in a couple different sizes (6-10) and you’ll be set. Nymphing small beadheads in the runs and pools will also get you some solid fish if you enjoy drifting an indicator or the high stick Euro game. Streamer fishing was ok after the water came up and gained color but now that it’s dropping and clearing, early or late in the day will be best for the sink tip route.

The smallmouth fishing was really good before things cooled down but I’m sure it’s still holding its own. Swim flies and streamers on intermediate lines and even topwater fishing with floating lines and poppers or wiggle minnows fished through calmer water will work. The warmer weather that is forecast for later this week will help that surface bite regain its footing.

A lot of people asking if there’s any kings around yet and I must admit I haven’t seen any yet in the upper river. I haven’t been down low or talked to anyone who has been lately but that will be changing rapidly over the next couple weeks…

Night fishing has been okay but that big moon is shedding a lot of light on many sections of river so playing the shade in the off beat stretches has been helping. Slightly smaller black flies on a steady wake have been still moving nice fish.

Make sure you have your salmon dates booked as there aren’t many left available for the majority of the lodge guides. The shop is loaded for the remainder of the summer and getting ready for the fall season. Look forward to seeing you guys this fall and what’s left of summer. Enjoy the rest of the month and I’ll see you on the water!

Kyle Hartman – Guide

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