Pere Marquette River Report

January 21st, 2019

Just a quick update for you guys. The river is in good shape, looking about normal in the upper stretches, running clear and about the normal flow (1060 CFS @ Scottville). Some of the ramps have more snow and ice than others so use caution at the steeper/more remote accesses. A shovel, chains, 4WD, and a good tow rope are all good things to have in the truck when winter steelheading.

The fish are still responding well to nymphs (stones, hexes, sparrows) and eggs (nukes, clowns, glo bugs) bounced along the bottom or drifted very slowly near the bottom with indicators and floating lines. Those dedicated to the swung fly game are also getting some fish on leech and sculpin patterns. Get it deep as fast as possible. Slowing everything down and showing them something different fly wise are both good ideas to try to improve your success. Water temps are still in the to mid 30’s. Shelf ice has been minimal to non-existent which has been nice. 

The forecast looks very mild for the next week so I’m sure we’ll see a blast of fair weather fishermen this weekend but can’t blame them, can’t think of too many places I’d rather be! Call the shop if you have any last minute questions, need to book a room or guide trip. Spring steelhead dates are booking fast as well as Salmon Season 2020 so get your dates booked sooner than later if you’re looking for those prime slots. 

Be careful out there and we’ll see you on the river!

Kyle Hartman – Guide

Pere Marquette River Lodge

231 745 3972

  • Flow
    1490 CFS @ Scottville
  • Visibility
    Good upriver, a little more stain the further downstream you go
  • Water Temperature
  • Best time of day to fish
  • Indicator
    Blackbird 6 gram
  • Recommended Leader
    9' 0x Mirage
  • Recommended Tippet
    1-2x Mirage
  • Best Rod Outfit
    11' 7wt Clearwater Switch Rod
  • Best Techniques
  • Comments
  • 6 day outlook
  • Our thoughts on the outlook