Pere Marquette River Report

January 30th, 2017

What a great week for fishing! The weather was warm and pleasant and a lot of folks made it to the river. It was a great chance to enjoy a break from the winter freeze.  The river recovered nicely and has great flow and clarity. To top it all off we got a beautiful new blanket of snow this weekend giving the river and trees that white winter look.


We went fishing on Tuesday and had a great time. It was actually pretty busy for the middle of the week.  A lot of guys were taking advantage of the nice weather. Most guys we talked to had success. We saw a guy at the boat ramp get one when we were putting in.  A little ways after that we netted a nice one for a guy struggling to land it. One more group of guys had one near the end of the float. We got reports from the fly shop of other guys doing good later on in the week. We can thank our guides Kyle Hartman and Griffen Brandt for the nice photos these guys did great this weekend!

Fishing is good this winter. The fish we have are big and they are hiding in the usual spots. Nymphing rigs are producing good results. We have been fishing egg flies a lot of the time and they continue to work good. Some of the nymphs are fishing so hot we are tying them on two identical flies at a time. Fish deep and close to the bottom. We are hitting a lot of fish in the first few casts. Others are laying deep in the runs and bite quite a few drifts later after putting in a little more effort. Anyway, if you get that feeling they are in a good looking spot trust your gut you’re probably right.  Change depth and flies often. If you don’t get one after fishing it top to bottom go find another spot. Fishing is good you can find them.


We went to the Chicagoland Fishing show this weekend. We were at the booth Thursday through Sunday. We saw a lot of familiar folks down there and met a lot of nice new people too. As promised we are happy to announce the winner of our free half day trip give away. Congratulations Steve Zimmerman come on up and catch a big one. Thank you to everybody who came to visit. Things have been good here in Baldwin. Stop in to the shop and say hello for the latest updates .


Casey Hefferan -Guide

Pere Marquette River Lodge

231 745 3972

  • Flow
    900 CFS - Estimated flow USGS graph currently down
  • Visibility
    3-5 feet
  • Water Temperature
    34-37 degrees
  • Best time of day to fish
    9am to 5pm
  • Indicator
    Blackbird or Thill
  • Recommended Leader
    9' Mirage leader
  • Recommended Tippet
    2-3x Mirage for Steelies. 4x Mirage Trout
  • Best Rod Outfit
    10' 8wt for Steelhead
  • Best Techniques
    Indicator nymphing
  • Comments
    Fish tail outs
  • 6 day outlook
    Grand Rapids
    Weather from OpenWeatherMap
  • Our thoughts on the outlook
    Winter weather in the forecast. Partly couldy most days with highs around the freezing mark. Overnight lows in the teens and 20's. Nothing to fear with good winter gear.