Pere Marquette River Report

May 16th, 2019

“When is your favorite time of year to guide or fish?” A question I get all too frequently. And a tough one at that. When I really think about it, May and June would have to be my pick. What many would consider “trout season” throughout most of the state. Granted, the trout fishing can be just as good outside of those two months. But May and June are perfectly suited for fly anglers. The trout can be caught with a wide variety of techniques depending on conditions. Some of the best hatches in the state also occur between those two months. And if you’re lucky, you have a chance at encountering a real whopper during May and June, like JC did up north last weekend. Though Jake has a knack for putting big trout in the net, this one is going to be tough to beat:

The streamer fishing has been quite good this spring. Lately, twitching small salmon fry patterns along the undercuts has been working like a charm. Trout of all sizes will dine on these little morsels until they migrate out to Lake Michigan once they reach appropriate size. Trout here learn from an early age how to hunt and hunt well. I was almost certain yesterday when my client Jim’s fly was slammed and his 7 weight doubled over, line sizzling upstream, that he had hooked a late season steelhead (hence the reason to fish a 7 weight). But once the fish jumped and showed its fat, golden body, we were stunned. The fish made a dive towards a series of pilings and the hook pulled. My stomach is still in knots. I know Jim’s is too…

Rob with a PM carnivore.

The bugs have been a little goofy this spring with some last minute cold fronts but are becoming more consistent. Mahogany, hendrickson and sulphur duns can be seen popping off on the warmer afternoons. Unfortunately, not many fish are keying in on those…yet. I haven’t checked for any evening spinner falls yet but I imagine you could experience one very soon. Gray drakes should be making their presence known within the week.

Another streamer victim:

Still some spots left for our Gray Drake school scheduled for Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd. These classes are great for beginners or for those looking to gain a better understanding of this mysterious mayfly. Call the shop at (231) 745-3972 for more info. 

Savor the flavor during these next few weeks. There’s some very unique opportunities that exist for those lucky enough to be here when they happen. It’s a trout angler’s holiday season, spread the cheer. See you on the river!

Kyle Hartman – Guide

Pere Marquette River Lodge

231 745 3972

  • Flow
    1040 CFS @ Scottville
  • Visibility
    Hint of a stain
  • Water Temperature
    52-56 degrees
  • Best time of day to fish
  • Indicator
    Thingamabobber or small Thill
  • Recommended Leader
    9' Mirage leader
  • Recommended Tippet
    4-5x fluoro for nymphing, 4-5x mono for dries, 15lb fluoro for streamers
  • Best Rod Outfit
    9' 6-7wt for streamers and 9'6" 4-5wt for dries/nymphing
  • Best Techniques
  • Comments
  • 6 day outlook
    Grand Rapids
    Weather from OpenWeatherMap
  • Our thoughts on the outlook
    Warmer weather on the horizon with some rain predicted. Looks good!