Pure Marquette

Driving faster than he probably had to down the pot hole-puddled two-track, he was racing nobody but the sun. Anxious to be at the launch before dawn, he was relieved to find the parking area empty, allowing him to relax … Continued

The Imperfect Drift

I thought I’d start a blog post called “The Imperfect Drift.”  I’m calling it that for a reason.  It’s essentially a look into my life as I try to learn and understand the world of guiding, fly-fishing, fishing politics, fly-tying, … Continued

Time on the Water is Where Memories are Made

It all starts on a Monday afternoon, as you arrive home from school and your dad arrives home from work.  He comes to say hello and asks, “Do you have any test this Friday?” to which you reply “No.”  He … Continued

Trout Bum Diaries 1/3/2018

  Saving Sanity     "   Tis the season of the antsy steelhead fisherman. The winter doldrums have already begun to sink in due to Michigan experiencing record-breaking cold weather for December, with temperatures reaching negative twenty degrees and colder … Continued