Orvis Rod Swap — 20% OFF Rods

We have a great promotion going on right now along with Orvis that will allow anglers to upgrade their rod AND help out a good cause. When you bring in your used fly rod you’ll receive 20% off a new … Continued

How to choose the right pair of sunglasses for fly fishing

It’s important to find a pair of sunglasses that are suited for the environment you’ll be fishing. The same shades you’d use for fishing a high mountain stream probably aren’t the same ones you’d use deep sea fishing. A nice … Continued

Buy any pair of Costa sunglasses, get a free speaker or solar charger

Now is a great time to get a new pair of shades for trout season. Right now we’re running a special in the the fly shop. When you buy a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses you can choose between … Continued

Euro Nymphing Basics

TECHNIQUE For some anglers, euro nymphing might just be another hipster fad like tenkara, but if you enjoy catching trout in numbers, it’s a good technique to add to your angling arsenal.  This technique is about numbers, which is why … Continued

Euro Nymphing Outfit Special

We’re running a special this month for those of you looking to add euro nymphing to your angling arsenal. We have euro rods at every price point and experience level in stock — come into the fly shop and check … Continued

Simple Steelhead Patterns: Crack Caddis

The Crack Caddis is an extremely simple but effective pattern to tie. The Flex-Floss and Dubbing colors can be changed to make various stonefly patterns, but here I’m using chartreuse with peacock black. This pattern works well for steelhead and … Continued

Redd Education

The term “redd” refers to the spawning bed of trout in a river or stream. Redds can be identified by a bowl-shaped indentation of clean bright rocks. Redds are formed by trout beating the rocks with their tail-fin. Trout do … Continued

PMRL’s 2019 Terrestrial School

Tossing big foamy hoppers or bushy stimulators can be some of the most fun summer fishing on Michigan’s rivers. Terrestrials often elicit ferocious predatory responses from small and large trout alike. PMRL’s Terrestrial School will prepare anglers for the big … Continued

PMRL’S 2019 Gray Drake School

Michigan’s gray drake hatch is what dry fly fishermen and women dream of. Gray drakes usually start to swarm during evenings a couple hours before nightfall. Below the surface resident trout wait — and then gorge on the spinner fall. … Continued

PMRL’s 2019 Streamer School

Strip, strip, strip — BOOM! A big brown trout slams a streamer right before your eyes. It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences in fly fishing, and this school will help prepare you for it. Learn the ins and outs … Continued